About Us

Paw Perfect is a woman-owned, and operated business located in Laurel Maryland. Our family loves animals but has always had that special love for dogs. While dog sitting our friend’s dog, our son asked “mom why don’t we start dog sitting”? That’s when Paw Perfect was born the best Dog daycare. Why not care for dogs, we love them and looking into their eyes each day and every day could bring nothing but joy.

So, when you think of Dog Daycare think of Paw Perfect because We Are

A place in Laurel Maryland where we can show your Best Friend love care and Kindness.

A place where we can comfort and play with your Best Friend

A place where your Best Friend always want to come back.

A Place where your Best Friend feels safe and secure.

A Place that is the Best Dog Daycare for your Pet.

We Are Paw Perfect your Best Friend’s Best Friend.

Our Customers love us, we’re sure you will too!