The Vast majority of dogs love daycare

In a healthy environment, a great number of dogs do well when given the freedom to interact with other dogs by themselves Once given space to choose how they interact with other dogs, they usually find themselves running, romping, and playing in little or no time.

Your dog will learn to explore and adapt to new places, smells, sounds, and types of stimulation are all part of a play experience out of the house. Your dog will enjoy a fun, yet structured, day in our Dog Daycare program under the watchful supervision of our trained staff. Most of the day will be spent playing with friends (with a couple of nap times and snacks included to keep everyone healthy and in a good mood).

Dog Day Care Improve your dog’s mental health

Within a couple of weeks daycare, you may see that your dog’s mood has been uplifted to a new level. That’s because regular socialization with other dogs increases the release of endorphins in your dog brain. That makes them happier and more upbeat overall. As an added benefit, finding their place in a pack is a huge confidence booster for dogs who might usually be shy.

Dog Day Care Improve your dog’s physical health

Another benefit of a leash free daycare at Paw Perfect, is the amount of regular exercise your dog will receive. If your poche has weight issues or you live in a confined space, like an apartment, the opportunity to spend several hours rough-housing with other dogs is a great way for your dog to burn off energy and improve their health.

Dog Daycare Keeps Boredom Away

Boredom is not a myth; dogs really do become bored.  That boredom is most likely to strike when your family dog is left alone for hours on end. This is the time when they are most likely to become destructive and go after shoes or pillows. You can turn that possible boredom into routine fun time with just one call or click. Drop your pet off to Paw Perfect Dog Sitter today.

Special Signals (Doggie Signals)

Time spent playing and interacting with other friends makes sure your dog learns the varied language of how dogs communicate. From knowing when to back off to finding the right way to express excitement or affection, these signals are important for your dog’s behavioral development. Learning proper “dog manners” is important for positive dog-on-dog interactions whether playing at the dog park or simply encountering another dog while out on a walk.

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